Adventures of Corky the Coon


Before I tell you this true story you must understand that it took place in 1969, long before wild animal adoption laws were in place.

It’s all about a wild baby racoon adopted by our family and named after my husband Courtney who became his number one advocate.

Corky arrived at our home cradled in the arms of my oldest daughter after a trip to the woods. we lived nearby where she would visit some corralled horses at the edge of the forest. When she showed us this adorable baby we recalled her past efforts to bootleg little animals from their mothers.She had been known to try smuggling  tiny baby ducks in her clothes when she was little more than a baby herself. Later she chased and caught baby pigs who then had to be returned to their mothers. Once she presented at the front door with a snake coiled up on the top of her head! Of course the door got slammed in her face with the order to return her captive to the woods. In view of her past adventures there was more than a little scepticism regarding her story about this so-called orphaned coon.

Courtney was also a patsy for anything baby,wild or tame so he escorted our daughter back into the woods in search of its mother. No mamma could be found which placed me in the position of being the only family member to object to adopting this ball of fluff. Our other children all clamored for acceptance. I was out voted!

Corky took up residence in a cardboard box on top  of  my daughter’s bed. He had his very own blankie and was fed formula from a doll bottle day and night until he could eat regular food.. We all took turns especially his rescuer. He thrived and soon climbed out of his box, next down to the floor where he investigated everything. So the door had to be closed to confine his adventures and the whole room had to be Corky proofed.

Have you ever heard a racoon cheer? Its a high-pitched warbling that is cute at first. But when you hear it in the background all day its kind of like an obnoxious  bug in your ear. in addition to the cheering Corky would walk back and forth across the bottom of the door where the light underneath cast his shadow. Cheering, cheering back and forth he paced with the tenacity of a tooth ache! He was bored out of his mind and was driving me out of my home! There were goodies outside that door and he wasn’t going to give up. All of my six children combined did not irritate me as much!

This story will be continued in the next blog entry titled Corky Cuts Loose.

The image above is a soft pastel portrait of Corky in my daughter’s arms. You can view more original art of animals on my web site:



About artzent

I am a visual artist and teacher of Fine art working and teaching in all 2D media. You can see images of my work in many categories, view my biography,comment on artwork, see what's on the easel right now, and more when you go to I will be blogging here about personal true stories and sharing my life and work. I hope that you will comment and share yours with me!
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13 Responses to Adventures of Corky the Coon

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  2. Carol Marlene Mumford says:

    This is an amazing story. I watched little marlene as she grew up loving animals. At one point she nearly drowned in a pond trying to fetch a duck.
    A good story teller you are my sister.I will be waiting in anticipation for the next episode.
    Did you put this on face book?
    Carolmarlene Smith Mumford

  3. June….what a fantastic blog………thanks for sharing the storie and look forward to more.

  4. Adieren Roark says:

    So many stories. I can just imagine how you must feel torn between which version to tell based upon which kid is the focus. I think you are on the best tract, just tell it as you remember.

    • artzent says:

      Thank you Sweetie. I am telling it as I remember it but don’t worry I wont be using my childrens names or any others that would do harm. That goes for the stories also. Stories are not all that I will be blogging about and I am gratful for your support! Also I am proud of my family and my life!

  5. Donna Moyers Danback says:

    I Love it. After much incourgement from so many, You finally did it. How exciting for you and how Wonderful for us. You have so much to tell and so much information to pass along. I know we will enjoy them as much as you do writing your stories and passing on your knowledge. Looking forward to more. The best to you.
    Miss you, Donna

    • artzent says:

      Thank you Donna. You were always so supportive of my writing and I do miss you too! zi hopr thst yousre doing good! I will get by the frame shop soon. Take care

  6. Wow, that raccoon looks so realistic it could be a photo.

  7. artzent says:

    No, please, no photo. It is soft pastel and I like to make it better than a photo. thanks for the compliment.

  8. I agree with LBrcruiseshipblogger, that raccoon looks real. Also great job telling the story.

  9. artzent says:

    Thank you so much for coming here and leaving such a great compliment both with the painting and story. It’s very encouraging!

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