Pencil drawing by June Pauline Zent

This is the second installment of the true story of Corky the coon

We thought Corky wanted to join other family members in addition to yearning to explore adventures outside the bedroom door. I let him out for a test while the older kids were in school. He was quite calm and polite gingerly moving around and I think a little frightened by his new freedom. He constantly followed me. This required care that I did not step on him because he was still very small. I got a reprieve when Courtney and the kids came home. They loved carrying him around and playing games. Courtney taught him to play catch with a small soft beach ball and the kids never got tired of playing hide and seek. Mostly THEY hid because Corky couldn’t stay still long enough to hide

Sounds like all fun, right? Not for long! As he grew bigger his curiosity turned to opening cupboards and pulling out drawers that he could reach. One by one they were all secured for his sake and for ours. Nothing like finding all of your stored linens in a pile on the floor or pots and pans scattered all over the house. Turning vases upside down was a favorite too! I guess that you are wondering where he used the bathroom? Well,he was just like a cat and had his own litter box. No problem there! However, he seemed to think that it was cool to grab a handful of litter and watch it land on the floor.

As Corky grew bigger still he started to look up and learned to climb. He took small excursions at first like finding him on the back of the couch looking out the window. Then he kept trying to climb the drapes. Landing on the floor did not deter him, in fact he seemed to enjoy it! No chairs were allowed around the dining table unoccupied. You know how you leave salt, pepper, and sugar in the middle of a breakfast table? Yes, he managed to climb up there. I caught him mixing these ingredients together and tasting the result! He and the table were a mess to clean up. Thank goodness he was not tall enough to open room doors He could however climb on top of the kitchen counters, open cupboards, unscrew jars, and help himself to packages of cookies and other goodies. The day that I caught him eating peanut butter and smearing it all over the counter and himself was the absolute end of my patients!

Come back soon for the third instalment titled 



About artzent

I am a visual artist and teacher of Fine art working and teaching in all 2D media. You can see images of my work in many categories, view my biography,comment on artwork, see what's on the easel right now, and more when you go to I will be blogging here about personal true stories and sharing my life and work. I hope that you will comment and share yours with me!
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11 Responses to CORKY CUTS LOOSE

  1. Holly says:

    You are a natural storyteller. I can’t wait for the next installment…..


  2. Adieren Roark says:

    Your story of Corky the coon gives your drawing a whole new dimension. I have told my version to friends over the years but reading your memories and perspective gives me a new appreciation for the experience. Thanks so much, Mom! What a great idea to start a blog. Love you – Addie

    PS – I’m looking forward to more stories, including embarrassing ones about ME!

    • artzent says:

      Thank you again! I like to think that I gave you kids some of your writing ability as well as your father. Not the spelling of course! But thank goodness for spell check.You were very young when we had Corky and were not as affected by the problems of adding this inventive little brat to our family.
      Your sister has been pushing me to make a blog. I finally did it myself. Word Press makes it easy. I think that your sister got the idea from you wanting to make a blog. Go ahead; its fun! Love you back!

  3. Bumba says:

    It’s terrific and the drawings are amazing.

  4. gita4elamats says:

    I know what you mean, I had to puppy-proof the house after I got Tara in Feb.2013 (a cattle dog x who is now 6 months old)! (。◕‿◕。)

  5. artzent says:

    This was a long time ago and I am not sure I could do it again now! Ha, Ha. How do you make those cool little faces? I love it!

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