Lights Golden Hour


Lights Golden Hour

An original oil painting by June Pauline Zent

Posted here in honor of


About artzent

I am a visual artist and teacher of Fine art working and teaching in all 2D media. You can see images of my work in many categories, view my biography,comment on artwork, see what's on the easel right now, and more when you go to I will be blogging here about personal true stories and sharing my life and work. I hope that you will comment and share yours with me!
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27 Responses to Lights Golden Hour

  1. Sharon says:


  2. 3teensmom says:

    It’s so striking! Love this. You are way too talented. Not fair!

  3. artzent says:

    And you are too kind, but I said that I would teach you.Thanks for the comment ! You are a peach!

  4. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award! Best Wishes.

  5. Oh my, the light!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. artzent says:

    Thank you jimmyand julia. So glad that you enjoy it and took the time to comment!

  7. *___* If this is not stunning I don’t know what is! And thanks for the dedication!I’m in love with this painting!

  8. Reblogged this on LightObserver and commented:
    A splendid painting by June over at!

    • artzent says:

      Hey girl, Glad that you liked it that much. I am doing a little more thinking about our blogs. I also have some commissions to catch up on but I will never miss a new post from you.

  9. Fantastic, about photography, I have to admit I would be happy to your student .

    • artzent says:

      You do great with your photography Stefan! But Lights Golden Hour is is a original oil painting not a photo.
      However I did photograph the painting in order to show on Word Press. Thank you so much for the visit and for the comment!

  10. zeejewelry says:

    Beautiful painting… I love this! It reminds me of where my sister is in Vermont.

    • artzent says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I am glad that you like the painting. Actually this is in my backyard near Tallahassee, Florida. Will you only be blogging to sell your work?

      • zeejewelry says:

        Hi, I cant believe thats florida. Really beautiful! I love the light thru the painting. I am working on a web store. I hope to have it by September. I was selling in stores and pulled the jewelry to get it ready for the web. Thanks so much for asking! Allie

  11. artzent says:

    North Florida is very much like North Carolina with rolling hills and wonderful old trees. good luck with your store.

  12. I do so admire people with a talent like you have.

  13. artzent says:

    Oh, Thank you Maggie, you are a peach for that comment

  14. Carol Marlene zent Mumford says:

    I have a print of ” Lights Golden Hour “. This is one of my favorites. I look at it every time I walk through the room. I think of my sister and it makes me feel warm and happy.
    You satisfy our Interest in the approach to your stories, leaving us to linger for more.
    My little sister, you amaze me. Marlene

    • artzent says:

      Don’t know why but this got stuck in the spam folder on Word Press and I am just seeing it. You amaze me also and I love you. I will check the spam folder more often.

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