An Original pencil drawing by June Pauline Zent 14×18 inches on archival linen board.

This drawing features the hands of William C. Watson and the feet of his son William Jr. My husband and our son.

The drawing above was copied by a thief who made cheap massed produced prints for sale and marketed them in the same state where I reside. the perpetrator was arrogant to the point of leaving the signature as it appeared on the original.

Here is what happened: I was in a small restaurant waiting for lunch and started scanning the wall decor out of boredom. My eyes fell on an image across the room that I recognised . It was the drawing above framed and occupying a prominent space. Since I had printed a Limited Edition for sale finding one in this casual place was at first pleasant. Viewing it up close I was horrified because it was a very poorly done photo print with no hand written signature, lacking in detail, not archival watercolor paper, and no certificate of  authenticity. In fact the copy was warping as the cheapest paper used in a home printer will do.

I approached the owner who described a man in a SUV who sold it to him for a few bucks and stated that he had hundreds of them. The restaurant owned said that the image grabbed him and he couldn’t believe the small price. I wanted to track this thief down but he said that it had been several months ago. what bothered me most was the degrading of the image that I had taken the utmost care to produce both in creating the original and the best printing technique available.

I bargained with the owner to bring him a much larger legitimate hand signed and numbered print in exchange for his relinquishing the poor fraudulent one. He agreed and at least I had removed one hijacked imitation out of circulation. From that experience I developed the habit of looking for these offenders everywhere I go.

Even more diabolical are the low life’s who see my work and  recruit real people to pose exactly like one of my compositions down to the colors of clothing, ages of hands, and exact background, etc. They actually believe that because it is not paint or pencil they cannot be faulted. Wrong! It only has to be 70% like the original composition for me to have a case with merit.

Of course it is easier and cheaper for them to suck up the creations of others than to hire an artist or to create something worth while themselves. The irony is that I share limited copyright for individuals to use at little – or  in the case of charities- no cost. However, I have never not been contacted by a charitable organization wanting to use one of my images to raise funds. They appear on pamphlets, book covers, and other advertisements for worthy causes. I am very proud of that! My son is handicapped and I have received their guidance and resources for him proving the legitimacy of their causes.

But here is another way that large business firms use to make money for themselves and a tiny amount for charities. In other words USE the charities. On one occasion I opened Time magazine to a double page spread of a campaign called “Choose to Make a Difference” Staring  back at me was my own artwork except it was a photograph of real people posed exactly as my painting: ages, colors background, and they even placed it in a frame. I ran out and purchased other major magazines and sure enough there it was! The football super bowl  was on TV. There was my work again running several times.

The painting was “They Walked Together” and the tagline of the ad was “TOGETHER we can make a difference”  In their arrogance also using part of my title. They gave a very small percentage every time someone used their card but it was tiny compared to the millions made for the business. I found the name of the CEO and managed to get him on the phone. He said that the image was taken from a photo bank and they had paid for its use so the photo bank was responsible. But that is not true! You must always research any images origins and contact the artist. In addition credit to the artist is required. If I had agreed to this and been given credit think how great such exposure would have been for my art. However, I would not have agreed because 3% is nothing compared to 97% It is a joke and a misuse of otherwise worthy causes.

I packed up several magazine ads and a print of my original sending them by mail to the CEO. Even after my phone call to him the ad was taken off the TV and did not appear in any more magazines. I contacted a lawyer who said the case had merit but would take years to litigated and I would be responsible to finance it.

Here is was a single parent raising six kids with one handicapped and grateful for a roof over their heads with adequate food. You can guess the outcome. It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the hurt and anger that you feel when someone steals a part of your heart and soul because that is what artist’s creations are. They impart themselves into their creations; they are extensions of the artist’s essence!

This happened and there have been others less dramatic but I am not in the same situation now. My children are grown and doing great and my hurt son is in a very protective environment where I have worked to see that he has the best quality of life possible. In addition I am now lucky enough to be one of the few artist’s who actually make a living with their creations.

So, if you are considering using my work for your monetary gain think about this: I will not rest until I find you and you will pay much more that you would have with my blessing. the internet makes it much easier to track offenders. I will do this for my art and for the sake of every other artist who is blocked from justice or circumstances  that prevent them from demanding recognition and compensation for a creation that is truly a part of themselves.

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An original oil painting by June Pauline Zent 24×30 inches

The rules stated that a photography blog was not required. I do agree that photography is an art but the photos on this blog are taken from my original painting and drawing. I shoot the photography myself to use them on a computer but these images are compositions that I have created in paint and other mediums. This particular one is not referenced by anything but my head. It is completely out of my imagination. The hands are holding the trunk of the tree preventing it from slipping into the water and drowning.

My idea was to visually show the relationship between our precious trees/environment and our critical decisions or will to save them and ourselves from drowning in a sea of neglect and greed. Trees give us oxygen without which life cannot exist. Of course as with all art your feelings about this piece might be totally different and I welcome your feedback.

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I PROMISED YOU continued seven




An original oil on canvas by June Pauline Zent 18×24 inches. The models for this painting are talk show host Mike Douglas and his wife Genevieve.

There was really no end to the surprises. Now Buddy wanted to introduce me to another celebrity friend that he planned to gift with my artwork. His name was Mike Douglas seen every weekday on his TV talk show. I watched or listened to it often. He and his wife Genevieve owned a condo on Jupiter Island where they would be available  for me to visit and to photograph. Buddy’s idea was to give them an oil painting of their hands, then produce a series of drawings that could be sold as Limited Edition prints.

I pulled on my jeans with an appropriate blouse, threw the camera case and my purse over the shoulder, and took off for the island in my tiny compact car. I considered that I was under dressed but the famous talk show host might as well know the real me so that we could establish an honest rapport. The elevator seemed to climb forever to their apartment high up in the huge condo where my arrival had been announced in advanced.

The door was opened by the handsome man who I recognized but he had a scowl on his face which changed instantly to a wide grin. I guess he no longer viewed me as a threat when getting a look at this five foot high 105 lb. unassuming little woman. After introductions the visit lasted about an hour with me snapping picture of their hands in various poses. Some were taken out on the balcony where the ocean could be used as a background reference. We became quite friendly and finished with the three of us sitting at the dining room table viewing photos of their beautiful grandchildren. You could see the proud pleasure on their faces as they shared stories and I was truly entertained. I left with warm hugs and a feeling of having had the privilege of  acquiring two new friends. Mike was the outgoing extrovert and Gen the gentle, soft-spoken but strong complement. This realization greatly influenced the final drawings and the oil painting above. Here is a letter I received written by Gen while the work was in progress.

Arriving back home there was the usual call from Buddy who was pleased with reports from them. He also talked about a movie that he had signed to make with Chris Christofferson in California. ” Honey he said, I have to do it no matter how I feel or how sick I am”. “No one will ever insure me for a film if I opt out, besides it’s the first time I have ever been offered a million bucks to star in a film.”

Our next meeting was a visit from him at my tiny apartment where he spent time playing ball with Billy who was busy trying his best to ignore him. Buddy kept glancing at me with an inquisitive look. I knew why: he had shaved his beard, now looking more like the Buddy of his youth. But I wasn’t about to acknowledge or volunteer an opinion. Finally he blurted out, ” Notice anything different?” Laughing I said, “Oh, you mean your clean-shaven face? I saw that before you entered the room.” And hastened to say, “You look great to me either way.”

How long would it take before he was gone? My head swirled with questions that I needed to ask before he left. I mustered the courage. ” what’s your relationship with Dinah  Shore?” He answered, ” She is a dear, dear friend”. “and your relationship with Tammy Wynette?” again, ” She is a dear, dear friend.” OK, I had no right to ask these questions much less discuss his answers, but I knew that they were both much more involved.

“There is something that I want you to do for me.” he said later,  Cat dancing is pregnant.” News to me! ” I want you to be ready with your camera to take pictures as soon as she gives birth then paint an oil for me of  her and the new baby. Of course I agreed. I would have done anything to make him happy!

Stay tuned for Continued eight where i hope to see you here.

Added note: The original artwork titled  SEAQUARIUM is now offered for sale here.

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An original oil painting by June Pauline Zent 30×40 inches

Most artist’s will not accept taking directions from anyone and their most creative works emerge when they are inspired or passionate about someone or something. It gags me to have someone say, ” you should , or it would be better, or you need a thing right there”. I can tolerate and appreciate someone saying, ” It makes me feel happy, sad, excited, depressed, sick at my stomach, or want to through up” than “You should”. I am tempted to reply, “if  YOU think that YOU should then YOU should do it!”

I am not asserting that artist’s do not take or seek creative criticism. They search the work of masters both ancient and modern. They agonize over  color, mood, depth, light direction, contrast, and all technics from someone whose work they deem to be superior. Just don’t try to tell them WHAT to paint. Content is the dividing line otherwise originality disappears. There are exceptions: the painting above was created taking a certain degree of direction.

Masterpiece Canvas in San Francisco emailed a call inviting artist’s to compete in a contest using their canvas. No problem there because their product was exceptional. Actually the floral painting below was selected as an advertisement for their canvases sometime after this competition was finished. I always used their canvas when I could afford it.


An original oil on canvas by June Pauline Zent 22×24 ”

Masterpiece presented ten photos of different subjects for you to select one as your theme. WHOA! directions! I came close to not entering but there was one that contained a little paddle boat peaking my interest. After staring at it for several days considering how to place it in a setting of my own composition an idea came. I would visualize it parked in a lake surrounded with forest with the brilliant North Florida sunset spilling through the trees.

It worked for me and apparently for them because I won third place in the show. True, not a huge prize but I was in the money. Then too since only four prizes were given I felt fortunate to win any place in an international competition.

Every rule that you follow always has at least one exception. But as a teacher I strongly  believe that freedom of content is  essential for originality. I urge students to spend time thinking about how passionate they feel regarding a subject that they plan to paint. I do not teach WHAT to paint; I teach the skills of HOW that are required to paint their vision.


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An original oil on canvas by June Pauline Zent 24x 36″ This painting is based upon a scene in North Carolina, USA.


The morning light dances on the water below and catches the tips of leaves kissing them with yellow and gold while you stand on a hill overlooking the forest.

Crisp cool air washes across your face with an earthy freshness pungent with the scent of wild spring flowers tasting the morning dew.

As you gaze into the distance it is as if a rainbow cast  colors into the air beckoning you to orbit your vision beyond reality into a realm of  wistful dreams.

A vision of nature steeped in passion as the heart is consumed with fire. And yet so calming and soothing is this random caprice that your thoughts oppose into warm Serenity.

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I PROMISED YOU continued six




An original pencil drawing on linen board 22 x 30′ by June Pauline Zent. Models for this drawing were Adieren: my daughter and Burt Reynolds. This was the first completed   original commissioned by Tammy Wynette as a gift to Burt Reynolds.

Viewers kept saying the hand was too strong and hairy. But it was a true to life drawing. Finally years later I printed a limited Edition and took an artist proof  back to the easel cropping it and using a soft pasted overlay to soften the hand. That original print is owned by Adieren. Here it is below. Tell me what you think.




He was thin with his beard and height emphasizing  the gauntness. It was clear that he was conflicted and depressed about something. Whatever the problem I felt that malnutrition should not be a part of it so I was determined to make him some beef tea and a loaf of home-made bread.

This old-fashioned remedy is made by finding the leanest big cut of beef, simmering it covered in water for several hours until the meat falls apart. Then you strain it through a cheesecloth removing the fiber and leaving a clear rich liquid. It is chock full of vitamins and iron and is reputed to restore health and vigor very quickly. The bread was just something yummy that you spread with butter and enjoy while adding calories. “only drink about half a glass at a time” I cautioned him because it is very potent and will make things happen.

Off I went to the ranch with a huge jar of beef tea and a freshly made loaf of bread. The gate had been alerted to my arrival so I drove right in and knocked on the back door. His mother opened it surprising me because I had not met her before this. As kids Buddy always came to my home. For one thing his father was the local Chief of Police – a busy man- who was then a little intimidating. In addition his home was way across town while mine was just across the street from the school. It was a natural meeting place for both of our friends. Besides Grandma always had something yummy cooking on the stove.

He called the next day but when I inquired about  the tea he said ” It makes things happen alright; I have been running to the bathroom every hour”.Whoops! ” Your drinking too much at once silly; I cautioned you about that.” ” Funny thing though, He answered, I do feel better so like I said: you are a good witch.” Then, “We have been invited to dinner at Jimmy Hick’s house.” Do you remember him?” Oh yeah, I sure did! He was another one of  my teenage boy friends. We lived next door to each other for a while. He rigged a rope swing from a huge tree in the yard and we used to swing from roof to roof on it. I was still a tomboy at that time always dressed in blue jeans and that hasn’t changed much.

However, on this date I wore a classic curvy pantsuit, very fashionable at the time. As usual we left from Jupiter Ranch being driven by Jimmy and his wife. Earlier  I was taken on a tour of the ranch by a guy that I don’t remember now who was very inquisitive about my connection to Buddy. I had the feeling of being checked out. Strange!

We were in the middle of a steak dinner when the phone rang. Jimmy’s wife said, ” It’s Tammy for you Buddy”. Before I could stop myself I made a disapproving face which was noted by everyone at the table. How embarrassing! I had seen one of Tammy’s gold records hanging on the wall and was already suspicious of the Tammy/Buddy relationship.Later jimmy’s wife pulled me aside under the quise of wanting my advice about re decorating their den. Again I was instead carefully quizzed about our childhood. Red flags were popping up in my head.

We were driven back to the ranch by our host in a very large car with a huge back seat where the two of us had some degree of privacy. Eyes in the front remained forward. He pulled me over to him and for the first time as an adult I discovered just how wonderful his passionate kisses were and how strong yet gentle his touch. He soothed away my suspicions and we were back at the ranch too soon for me. He lifted me off the ground with a huge hug and kiss and as I turned to leave he reached out and whacked me on the behind!

More later on continued seven where I hope to see you!

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SYMBIOSIS: Biology and art




A sepia tone pencil drawing by June Pauline Zent 18×24″

Here is a concept that has fascinated many people for years  and I will wager that you have thought about it even if you have never encountered the word. In biological terms it means two distinct organisms that survive only because each contributes a factor without which the other cannot live. Or, you can think about it as being a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more organisms.

Examples of Symbiosis are rampant in biological studies like the bacteria that proliferate in your stomach and intestines without which you cannot digest your food. You in turn provide a cosy environment for the bacteria to grow without which they cannot survive. Of course this is a beneficial sort of  ” you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”

But think about it. This arrangement can be extended to include non organic or a combination of both.Consider the painting above: the guitar has no function without the hands to play it. Together they make beautiful music; apart they both languish and accomplish nothing. Does the painter require color, or pencil, or computer without which the image remains in the thoughts of the artist? I think so! Even the lowly coin has a front and a back. Can you make a coin without both? Yes ,you say if one is a blank. But isn’t the blank one the back? Both blank! Ok, but I think that you would find a way to distinguish between the two. Michelangelo said that the statue is already inside the stone; You just have to chip the excess away.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine has been for a long time just pondering this together yet separate concept. I’m  sure that you can think of many examples. Share your thoughts with me!

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An original oil on canvas by June Pauline Zent 30×40 inches

The Reference for this painting was my own property in North Florida USA. I have twelve acres of mostly old forest that is a constant inspiration for my artwork. This creek is fed by a spring that crosses the middle of the woods and is 68 degrees summer and winter. It runs down to a fish pond that is near my home which is stocked with brim and bass. The fish are exceptionally healthy because of the constant supply of fresh water and the excess runs out of a spillway back into the creek. I mostly just feed the fish but family and friends love to catch them and make fresh fish dinners.

If you go back into the forest with me to this spot and you sit very still for about half an hour you will have a good chance of seeing deer, turkey, raccoons, foxes,squirrels, coyotes, rabbits, and creepy Crawley residents like snakes. WHAT! Yes snakes but seriously they run away from you as you are running from them! However, a good pair of snake boots is recommended

The forest takes on a different dress depending on the time of year. I love the springtime which is reflected in the painting. There are still old leaves on the ground from fall and winter but new growth pushing up especially along the creek. All Manner of ferns are beginning to push up and there is a feeling of aliveness as you listen to the birds chattering and the squirrels fussing at you. A tiny baby deer might startle and run right in front of you with its little white tail up in the air.The spring bubbling over the rocks makes a whispering sound almost like singing.  It soothes you and makes you feel like one with nature. There is a spirit to these woods and to the spring! I count my blessings every day that I am allowed to be its caretaker!

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An original pastel painting on linen board 24×30 inches by     June Pauline Zent posted here especially for 

Russel Ray Photos, Zoey the Cool Cat and everyone else who loves animals

This little kitten was scared of everything except me so when something spooked her she would jump in my lap and peak through my fingers with the biggest most beautiful eyes. I thought of painting her many times but how to get that expression? Finally it hit me: I sat a big mirror on the table in front of me and took her in my lap. Sure enough she was scared of her own image in the mirror. It gave me the ultimately perfect reference with her looking back so that I could capture those  penetrating fearfully gorgeous eyes. Of course the model for the hand was yours truly. This painting joined several others to form a series Titled ANIMALS IN HANDS. I love to show the positive connection between all animals.

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I PROMISED YOU continued five

An old demo album cover of Tammy Wynette’s  songs given to me on the occasion of my first visit to her beach house in Jupiter Florida personally inscribed and referring to a gift of my artwork to her from Burt Reynolds. Every time I delivered a commissioned piece to her she would sign one of these covers with generous comments.

One of my favorite pictures of Tammy Wynette photographed at Jupiter Beach, Florida This is one of  many never before seen photos  that I took for a commissioned piece using her hands. You will see how I used it in a future post.

Of course Buddy called soon after I talked to Tammy anxious to get my reaction. I was thrilled at the thought of meeting my favorite country singer not to mention the prospect of a commissioned piece of artwork. But by then I had figured out that he gave her They Walked Together  to bring Tammy and I together. So I had just a little twinge of disappointment left.

Arriving at her ” beach house” on Jupiter Island I was quite impressed; accustomed as I was to these structures being little more than small dressings rooms convenient to the water. This was in my eyes a beach mansion! She met me at the door with a big smile and an even bigger hug. What a beautiful woman! She didn’t know me from Jack in the Box but was so welcoming and real that I instantly felt a connection and was not at all intimated by her celebrity status.

After introducing her four beautiful girls and walking through the lower level of the house she led me upstairs to her bedroom. She pulled out a guitar and sat down on the bed motioning for me to do the same. “what’s your favorite song?”she asked. Then she sang it to me right there and I was completely mesmerized and thrilled! This world-famous ” First Lady of Country Music” giving me a personal concert. I was transfixed and speechless. ” So you can imitate me?” she asked. I could only nod yes. She picked the song and I have to say we did pretty well together bursting out laughing at the end and clapping like a couple of teenagers. It reminded me of when my sister and I would sing in the kitchen to make the dish washing go faster.

Then she got serious. ” So tell me about your family and your life” she said. Except for an occasional sigh she sat quietly while I sketched the last few years then she wanted to talk about the commission: a portrait drawing of Buddy’s hands that she intended as a reciprocal gift to him. I explained that I would love to do it but only if I had complete artistic licence  to compose the piece as I saw him. This was the usual condition of any artwork that I agreed to undertake.With that we settled on a price and went back downstairs. I had not noticed before but she pointed to the huge fireplace where They Walked Together was hanging under an overhead light. Moving closer I could see that the original plack had been removed with a new one in its place. It read ” Georgette and Paw Paw”

That was the only sour note of the visit. On the way home I pondered: How would she feel if I had renamed one of the original songs that she had composed? But the name that I gave it was the one that stuck and it has had a long history over the years. I had many visits with Tammy and the girls to come . We became close friends with much in common including Buddy.

They obviously communicated with lightening speed. The phone rang just as I walked into the house. He was full of praise about her report of the visit and said that she was delighted. Then he wanted to talk about his health problems. He called me a “Good Witch” and asked me what I thought was wrong with him. I said,” If I were a good witch don’t you think that I would help my autistic son; he would be the first one on my list”  “Oh no”, he shot back, ” a good witch  cannot help themselves they can only help others”. I said, “five years of pre med does not make me a doctor but it does make me very sceptical of fairy tales!”

Please return for the continuing story six right here with me.

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An original Painting oil on rag board 22×30 inches by  

June Pauline Zent

This painting was in progress when my eldest son called me to help with a survey job in South Florida. He had workers that did not show and needed someone to sit with  his equipment in a high traffic area where his GPS was in danger of being stolen. And we are not talking about a car GPS, we are talking about 60,000  invested and he was under a deadline. I packed up the work and arrived there the next morning.

Sitting in the median I sat up and started drawing the basic image in colored pencil. I was focused in spite of the cars whizzing by and didn’t notice that people were pulling over until some walked up to me and asked what I was doing. This did break the focus and continued all day long. I didn’t realize just how interested people were in an artist working on the spot. Many questions, many answers later the work was hardly touched. It was like teaching a class while trying to concentrate at the same time. It’s a wonder I didn’t get arrested for obstructing traffic! Surveyors work under special rules. Thank goodness!

At the end of the day I packed up and headed back to North Florida and it is the last time I ever tried to work with an audience!


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A oil on canvas 30×40 inches by June Pauline Zent

This is a painting of  a North Florida Spring that is difficult to access but is typical of the wild areas in the Northern part of the state. It was painted many years ago and is part of a series of waterscapes that I call Secret Places because most people don’t know their location. You don’t expect this kind of scene in Florida; It looks more like North Carolina with rolling hills, huge oak trees, and rigid terrain. After working on a portrait I love to through up a big canvas and paint one of these beautiful scenes. They offer a measure of artistic freedom compared to a portrait of anything and can be painted quickly. This one took about two weeks of work every day compared to a portrait taking a few months.

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I PROMISED YOU continued four


A pencil drawing on linen board 24 x 36 inches by

June Pauline Zent featuring her daughter Adieren

Christmas was right around the corner and I am obsessing about gifts for the kids but their father solved that problem. He was always there for them regardless of our relationship. As the big day grew closer I was now focused on planning a feast and what in the world I could give Buddy with no funds in the cookie gar. I have never had much to give in a material way except my artwork.

Buddy had fallen in love with a drawing  of my youngest daughter created when she was a few years younger.And in fact he had fallen in love with her. She was a sweet, tiny, independent maverick who didn’t give a hoot about any ones opinion of her. She would show up in checkered pants, a stripped shirt of contrasting colors, a floppy hat full of buttons with hair uncombed and curls flying, then dare anyone to try to change her. My oldest daughter once offered he a dollar bill if she would allow her curls to be combed. Nothing doing! She would fly down the street on her bike with curls tangled by the wind laughing. She was an original and still is in many ways. How many Navy wife’s do you see canoeing by herself down the Chesapeake Bay! That’s something she does now. Back then she was also my right arm in dealing with and caring for Billy even though she was little more than a baby herself. She would help feed him and babysit, always his strongest advocate .

I guess that she struck a chord with Buddy; he laughed at her antics and kept admiring that drawing. It was already framed with a plack on the bottom that read “Addie’s Fog”. I used the word Fog because that is how she pronounced Frog. She loved frogs and would chase them down and bring them to me in her little hands with her face glowing. That’s where the inspiration came from. The drawing had won an award and a four person show sponsored by The Museum of Art in Richmond Virginia which was also inscribed on the metal plack..

I regret ever having parted with it but I did even worse by changing the name to “My Buddy” Of course he was thrilled and presented me with a signed print of the only piece of artwork that he had ever done: A pencil drawing of a country road winding through a homey landscape. I have apologized to my daughter for this rash action and would love to give her “Addie’s Fog” but there is no accounting for what you will do when you think that you are in love..

I was working in the kitchen and listening to Billy Jo Spheres singing on a record when the phone rang. A womans voice said, “Is this June Zent?” She introduced herself: “This is Tammy Wynette”. Silence, Then ” Really!” My very favorite country music singer calling me? I was speechless! She asked  who was singing on the record and I had to tell her the truth followed by my assurance that her voice was my favorite. My habit was to sing along  with the artist when I was painting and I could imitate her voice pretty good. She said, ” I am so glad that you enjoy my music but I am calling to thank you for Your masterpiece that Burt Reynolds just gave me as a Christmas present.”  My God! I thought. They Walked Together? Yes it was ! She was overjoyed with it  stating, “It is the single most wonderful piece of artwork that I have ever seen.” Then, I want you to come to my beach house so the I can meet you and discuss a commission project with you.” Of course I agreed to visit the next day. That gave me a little time to recover from the shock and to think about why Buddy would give her the painting that he had Just went to a lot of effort to buy. I thought that he would never part with it!

The story continues  soon in number five. Hope to see you here.               

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SEAQUARIUM: The sea and aquarium combined




A colored pencil drawing on linen board 27″x 36″

by June Pauline Zent

I went a little crazy here thinking about all of the animals that I wanted to include so it turned out to be not the usual careful composition. My oldest son was here while I was working on it and I asked him, “Can you think of a name for it” He studied it for a minute and said, “Seaquarium, because it’s a combination of what you would see if both were together”  A perfect name!

I hope that you don’t get cross-eyed trying to look at it but this piece was one that I had a lot of fun with. It took about two months to finish because you start with a white board and when you finish it looks kinda like an oil painting. Drawing is my first love and this is just drawing with color. Feel free to critique, I welcome your opinion!

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I PROMISED YOU continued – three




An original watercolor painting 24″x 30″ on museum board by June Pauline Zent

The next morning a large truck pulled up in the driveway. Two guys got out and knocked on the door. ” June Zent?” one asked. They returned to the truck and pulled a huge TV out of the back. “Bert Reynolds said to bring this to you”. The kids were beyond excited as they rushed to move the 10 inch screen away and watched this monster positioned in its place.

Later Buddy told me that he had taken it out of the tree house: a literal small house placed high up in the trees at his Jupiter ranch. He said that he used it to escape when things got chaotic there. I could see that it was not new so that explained it. He asked me to come out to the ranch because he wanted me to meet someone. It turned out to be Cat Dancing, his famous horse. She was at the far end of a very huge corralled area. I jumped up on the fence, sitting at the top. Buddy stood beside me. The horse snorted and pawed the ground then began to run straight at us. I froze, but my instinct was to get the hell off that fence. Buddy laughed, “she’s jealous of you”, he said. She came to within twenty inches of me , stopped abruptly, turned around, and ambled back to the far end as before. I thought, “the first time is the worst”. Sure enough she repeated this intimidation for several more passes but by now I was on to her and kept my seat. However, I was convinced that If she could she would have stomped me into the ground. My next encounter with her was less traumatic. Buddy had a plan that he was not sharing.

Buddy was not well and in spite of a testing barrage they couldn’t diagnose the problem. One doctor believed It was something to do with his jaw that was causing dizziness. Another said hypoglycemia, and so it went. He continued to call and visit regardless of not feeling well. He like to sit on the floor and bounce a beach ball at Billy, my autistic son. I think that he wanted to teach Billy to catch the ball. On one occasion I was prone on the floor watching this action. Suddenly Buddy stood up and walked over to me . Looking down the said, ” have you ever had an irresistible urge?”  “Sure” I blurted. with that he reached down and lifted me off the floor by the seat of the pants. shocked! was an understatement. I sucked my breath in then yelled! Shock value was part of his modus operandi. We both began to laugh and he headed for the door. By the way he never again presented wearing a highfalutin Liberace style cowboy outfit. He wore jeans.

He called in the early evening to tell me that a movie of his would be playing that night on TV and asked me to watch it Knowing that I had never seen his movies. It turned out to be a car chase with some questionable characters racing across the country and getting into trouble with the police. Something and the Dixie Dancers? I think. It was a forgettable movie with him creatively chewing gum for the whole two hours. Ring, ring. It was him. “How did you like it”,He asked. “Well”, I said, “you chew gum real good”. He choked, then started laughing continuing for several minutes. It dawned on me that I had just insulted him but he didn’t seem to mind. I think he knew that the movie was stupid. He said, “next time I want you to watch Deliverance”. I agreed and having seen it my faith in his talent was restored. That was a movie made for more than money!

There is a whole lot more to this story and after my fingers recover you will see it in the continued fourth. Hope to see you here!

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