An original oil on canvas by June Pauline Zent 40×46 inches.

Prints available click here 

June Zent on Fine Art America

I thought that you might enjoy this kind of unusual painting. There is a long story about it that I have not gotten out of draft and will post later.

As people in the restaurant business say “I am in the weeds”! Right now I have commitments that I must honor and cannot wriggle out of so my blog has to give up time. I will be back with you before long and please know that I miss your contact very much.

If you like this original you will enjoy the new print that we are making in sizes that you can afford. They are the same high quality archival giclee prints as the large Limited Editions just smaller and open edition.


June Zent on Fine Art America




About artzent

I am a visual artist and teacher of Fine art working and teaching in all 2D media. You can see images of my work in many categories, view my biography,comment on artwork, see what's on the easel right now, and more when you go to I will be blogging here about personal true stories and sharing my life and work. I hope that you will comment and share yours with me!
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  1. lillianccc says:

    This is beautiful! And no worries on those commitments, real life does come first after all, though I’ve missed seeing your regular presence and reading your blogs! Hope to see you back on here soon. 🙂

    • artzent says:

      Thank you as always Lillian for your beautiful comment and your support for my blog. I have also missed writing and blogging and most of all the connections with favorites like you.I will get back to it and in the mean time will just post artwork to keep in touch! Hugs, June

  2. zeejewelry says:

    Your painting is very interesting. I am seeing many different things. Will be back to read the story. A Very Happy Holiday to you 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Stunning, June. Simply stunning!

  4. soumyav says:

    lovely it is !June! and good to hear form you! missed your awesome stories and wonderful paintings,as much as I did miss u.

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  6. Sharon says:

    So Beautiful and Ethereal !!!

  7. artzent says:

    Thank you Sharon, I am glad that you like it. Thank you for all the support here and on Facebook. I will get back to the stories soon and in the mean time I will just post artwork. You might like this piece better when I can get the story done. Love you cuz!

  8. dilipnaidu says:

    Brilliant! And good wishes to you.

    • artzent says:

      What a great comment and I am so glad to see you here even though my blog has been down. Your support is so appreciated and I will be up and running to see your blog soon! My very best to you also!

  9. So Beautiful good wishes to you. God blessed hands of yours , Your soul , and your heart Have a nice day

  10. artzent says:

    Stefan, I miss your lovely poetry so much! It always brightens my day. You can just take the words that you have written here and pretend they are from me to you . I will be seeing your blog as soon as I have my own computer up and running. Bless you!

  11. Love the colours in this June! I’d love to stumble upon a little clearing like this! It’d be magical! 😀

  12. My Mia's Art says:

    Life ticks on and we will look forward to your return soon. I too am finding time not stretching how it should! Look forward to more stories when time is on your side.

  13. Carol Marlene zent Mumford says:

    Love you so much my dear sister

  14. Just popping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Manu Kurup says:

    This painting is amazing. Haven’t been able to keep track of your recent posts, lately. But, here I am now and will be visiting regularly. 🙂

  16. Wow, I love it so much!!!! Great job June. I like your work.

  17. Şi dacă nu vorbesc decât româna, nu pot comenta, opera taremarcabilă?Ba da, ştiu un cuvânt englezesc: “Congratulations!” 🙂
    Madi şi Onu

  18. As always, it’s beautiful and interesting June 🙂

  19. artzent says:

    So glad that you think so Maggie. The story is even more interesting but not out of draft yet. I have just got to catch up with others post!

  20. nightlake says:

    this was a wonderful painting, June…Hope you have a successful eye surgery and a quick recovery

  21. artzent says:

    Thank you for the lovely compliment nightlake. the surgery is postponed until after Christmas, thank goodness. Now I can work on my blog and read all the post I need to catch up on!

  22. eisyc says:

    Wow, what a beautiful painting! I came back to look at it a couple times. Something about it makes me want to stay, look and think. Thank you for sharing!

  23. artzent says:

    Thank you Eisyc. :Your comments lift my spirits. I will be telling the story about this painting soon and I hope that it will interesting for you. Come back as often as you wish, you are always welcome and I will keep up with your post as well (smiles)

  24. Carol Marlene zent Mumford says:

    I know that i commented on this before, but this is one of my very favorite pieces of your work love marlene

  25. munchow says:

    That is really a beautiful painting.

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